Client blog: Emma Crawford

Hello! My name is Emma Crawford and I have been a client here at AL Management for the past 6 years. Since being signed to The Actors’ Lab Management, I have experienced numerous auditions over the years and I’m here today to spill the things that, throughout my experience, have helped me during the audition process.

Nerves, I think, are the one thing that really restricted me from performing my best in auditions when I first started out (Even though I was only 13!). Over time however, attending workshops and lessons aided my ability to walk into an audition feeling confident, purely because I knew what to expect. The key to conquering nerves and giving a good, memorable performance all comes from knowing how an audition works and making sure you’re well prepared! Scripted auditions obviously give you more of a support system when it comes to being prepared for an audition, however improvised auditions mean that you walk in blind which, can throw some people off. However, it’s important to take advantage and use auditions to explore your creative freedom, whether it be a scripted or improvised casting, you should never be afraid to show off your interpretation of a character. Plus, if you match that with good confidence and a positive attitude, you’re more likely to stand out and be memorable.