TV casting tips from Coronation Street’s Joanne Moss

Following the great success of the Coronation Street Casting workshop at The Actors’ Lab in May, Joanne Moss returned to our Media City Studio to give another workshop on soap casting. In 2007 she joined The Coronation Street casting team for guest roles and has enjoyed working there ever since. With 15 years of experience in TV and theatre casting, Joanne has shared her insights and expertise of the casting world with us, giving tips on how actors can improve their chances of getting roles and what pitfalls to avoid.

What would be your 3 top tips for actors going for a casting?
Dress for the role, if you are auditioning to play a mechanic don’t turn up in a 3 piece suit!
Don’t be afraid to ask if you can read again if you felt it didn’t go well.
Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to learn the script when reading (unless you have been sent the script in advance), just keep the script close by to refer to.

Throughout your career what is the most common mistake you have seen actors make during a casting?
Not reading the script properly and replacing words with their own! Also, they miss key stage direction because they have concentrated too much on learning the lines. Always read the script through a few times so you can visualise the scene.

What would be your one piece of advice you’d give to an aspiring actor just starting off in the industry?
Try not to be downhearted when you’re not successful in castings, it doesn’t necessarily mean your talent was in question, it could be a number of reasons, such as not being matched with a fellow cast member, too old, too young etc. It could even be because they have you in mind for something else further down the line. Also, ask for feedback if you are unsuccessful.

Some of the advice may seem straight forward, however throughout her career, Joanne has seen hundreds of actors getting the basics wrong. You can’t go to a casting half-heartedly and take your talent for granted. In order to succeed, you need to prepare, practice and work for it. However bear in mind that the casting director is still a human being. So when you walk into the casting, be professional, confident and personable – at the end of the day the casting director needs to feel that they would be able to work with you.

We are excited to announce that Joanne Moss has just recently confirmed another workshop with us on 20th February. This time, she will be spreading her knowledge to the younger generation of aspiring actors. Just keep an eye on our newsletter for the details.