Accents and Voice Workshop with Irene Friend

The voice is probably one of the actors most important tools.
Through it you can create character, open up voice-over work, improve auditions and surprise audiences.
However, without practice and care we can get stuck in one range and lose our ability to adapt.

Take part in this collective session to increase breath capacity, expand range, sharpen diction and discover the voice. Explore the shapes of accents and how to create them.

In this exciting and restorative Zoom class, you will work in a virtual group with one of our experienced online tutors.

Course Overview

An accomplished Voice Professional will guide you through a full warm-up, vocal drills, tongue twisters and essential techniques. Including gentle exercises for longevity and recovery; with opportunity for expansive techniques to open up range and variation. Working in a safe space to explore the abstract of voice and play with text and speech.
• Learn the basic physiology of your brilliant voice
• Practice a variety of exercises that you can add to your performer’s toolkit
• Discover new ways to look at text through voice
• Plus a walk through of how to approach accents with your newly flexed voice.

The course is for:

• Those who are new to performing and voice work
• Established actors who need to retune their instrument
• Anyone using acting skills to improve their professional and personal lives

With plenty of opportunities for questions and advice throughout.

Date: Saturday 28th Nov 2020
Time: 2.30-4.30pm
Venue: Zoom
Price: £29

*Please note, that due to high demand this workshop is non transferable and non refundable, and must be paid within 24 hours to secure your place*