How do I join?

Adult classes

Admission is via our open day or audition. We have 3 open days per year, one for each term. The open day is completely free to attend and offers prospective students the opportunity to experience one of our sessions before joining us. It gives us the opportunity to asses a prospective student’s ability and aptitude. We are not expecting to see perfectly trained and refined actors, but just a raw talent and passion for progressing.

Kids classes

We offer complimentary no obligation Taster Sessions throughout the term for every child joining us. These can be arranged by contacting the office

Do I need prior experience?

We take students of all abilities, whether you have worked in the industry professionally, trained before or have never picked up a script in your life. We look for a raw talent, commitment to the classes and a passion for learning.

If I join how long am I committed to?

We have a minimum membership to ensure we only have really committed students joining us and to keep the classes consistent. We have the option of a 1, 2 or 3 year course but shorter commitments are also available.

Have any of your students gone on to work in the industry?

Many of our students have gone on to work professionally within the industry gaining work in theatre and television; including Emmerdale, commercials for The Co-Operative and Lotto, Children’s BBC television such as The Johnny & Inel Show, feature films such as The Devil’s Harvest, as well as performing in the West End and national touring productions. Students have also gone on to form their own production companies which have performed both locally and nationally.

Will I gain an agent?

We offer adult students the opportunity to invite industry professionals to our yearly showcase, so that your work may be viewed by casting directors and agents. This can lead to representation. The Actors’ Lab also has Management Services which offers selected students representation.