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1. Introduction

1.1 These terms and conditions apply to The Actors’ Lab classes, and you (“The Student”) agree to be bound by them. Changes to these terms and conditions by the Student re- quire the written consent of The Actors’ Lab.

1.2 Classes take place once weekly. The term dates will be made available to the Student at the start of each year and are also available on the website.

1.3 On receipt of the Student’s completed application form The Actors’ Lab will select Students for the classes and send those Students a confirmation of acceptance. The con- firmation of acceptance establishes a contract for the provision of teaching services.

1.4 The Actors’ Lab reserves the right to exclude Students from classes at its discretion.1.5 The Actors’ Lab reserves the right to make changes to the timetable and to the teaching staff as required.

1.6 Location of the classes will be notified to the Student but The Actors’ Lab reserves the right to change the location of classes within a reasonable geographical area.

2. Payments

2.1 Class times and fees are outlined when a Student joins The Actors’ Lab. The Actors’ Lab reserves the right to make changes to the fees.

2.2 There are three accepted methods of payment; upfront payment in full (Class Pass) or weekly classes or monthly direct debit.

2.3 Should the student choose to pay the termly fee in 4 consecutive monthly instalments after the first term , The Actors’ Lab requires a minimum of 30 days notice in order to process the direct debit mandate.

2.4 If monthly instalments are made then payments may continue beyond the date the Student leaves in accordance with clause 3.3 if the Student cancels the contract early.

2.5 Fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable in cases of sickness or absence.

2.6 Fees are due 7 days prior to the date of the first class if paying up front or on the agreed monthly payment date if paying monthly.

2.7 In the event of late or non-payment of fees the Student shall reimburse The Actors’Lab for reasonable costs and expenses incurred in the collection of the debt and any bank or other charges incurred.

2.8 If a direct debit is cancelled by the Student before The Actors’ Lab gives notice that it should be cancelled or if the bank refuses to pay a direct debit payment for any reason which is not the fault of The Actors’ Lab, including insufficient funds in the account, then the Student shall reimburse The Actors’ Lab for any bank charges and other reasonable administration costs incurred.

3. Cancellation and Refund Policy

3.1 Ex-Curricular activities are non-refundable or transferable, see clause 10. In the instance of classes, where a Student is attending any class for the first time the contract can be terminated no more than 7 days later (including the date of that first class). Termination will only be accepted when received by The Actors’ Lab in writing. A pro rata refund will be calculated accordingly.

3.2 A Student may terminate the contract by giving written notice 30 days’ before the end of the current Term. The contract will then terminate on the last day of the then current Term and the Student will continue to pay fees for the remainder of that term. Failure to give adequate notice may result in the Student being charged for the next term. This is reasonable given the potential difficulty in filling that Student’s place for the next term on shorter notice.

3.3 In entering into a contract with The Actors’ Lab the Student is contracting for classes for a Term and committing to payment for classes for the full Term. If the Student chooses to leave part-way through a Term, the Student will have to pay the fees for the remainder of the Term. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the Student understands that The Actors’ Lab cannot easily fill student places part-way through a Term and that leaving part-way through a Term has a negative impact on ongoing work by the class and other stu- dents.

3.4 The Actors’ Lab may terminate the contract on 30 days’ written notice. The Actors’ Lab will refund any payments made by the Student for classes which have not yet taken place at the date of termination.

3.5 In the event that The Actors’ Lab cancels a class, an alternative class will be offered to the student—this may be on an alternative day or time.

4. Conduct

4.1 Absence is to be reported to The Actors’ Lab main office only. Failing to report an absence on more than one occasion is a breach of The Actors’ Lab Conduct Policy and may result in suspension from The Actors’ Lab.

4.2 Absence may only be reported by phone call to the office landline, email or out of office number and not by any other means. Notification must be received prior to the class in question.

4.3 The Student may contact the office to request to re-schedule to an alternative class within that week or receive credits for a future class to be redeemed within that term. Any such re-scheduling is at The Actors’ Lab discretion and subject to availability.

4.4 The Student will observe The Actors’ Lab Conduct Policy. Breach of the Conduct Policy is a breach of this contract.

5. Breaches

5.1 If these terms are breached by a Student we may take such action as we deem appro- priate to deal with the breach.

5.2 In the case of a serious breach of the contract The Actors’ Lab may terminate the contract on written notice with immediate effect and without refund.

The Actors’ Lab is a registered trademark and trading name of The Actors’ Lab Ltd (Registered No. 7976100) Registered in England and Wales.

6. Exclusion of Third Party Rights

6.1 No one other than a party to this contract or the Student shall have any right to enforce any of its terms.

7. Liability

7.1 Students are obliged to take care of their own belongings.
7.2 The Actors’ Lab cannot accept liability for lost or damaged belongings.

7.3 The Actors’ Lab does not accept responsibility for loss, damage or injury arising from errors or omissions on the Student’s application form.

7.4 The Actors’ Lab does not accept liability for death or personal injury to any Student attending class except where such death or injury is caused by negligence or default of The Actors’ Lab or any member of its staff.

7.5 The Actors’ Lab does not accept responsibility for any loss or expense due to circum- stances beyond its control including, transport, fire, weather and other such circum- stances.

7.6 Students participate at their own risk and are obliged to inform The Actors’ Lab and its staff of any existing injuries or medical conditions in the application form and to notify The Actors’ Lab in the event of any change or new illness or injury or medical condition.

7.7 Students should make themselves aware of the correct procedures to carry out in each studio building in the case of a fire or evacuation.

7.8 Physical contact may be required between teachers and students in teaching or correcting performance.

8. Privacy Policy

8.1 Any personal information provided to The Actors’ Lab will be “processed” (as such terms are defined in the Data Protection Act 1998) by The Actors’ Lab for the purposes of administration, research, the provision of teaching services in singing and drama, the organisation of performances and for the administration of The Actors’ Lab’s statutory obligations under legislation relating to children. The Actors’ Lab will not disclose this information to third parties for marketing purposes. The Actors’ Lab itself may use this information to provide marketing information. If the Student does not wish to receive marketing information from The Actors’ Lab he/she should tick the box provided on the application form or notify The Actors’ Lab in writing.

8.2 By submitting an application form to The Actors’ Lab the Student agrees to consent to the use of such Personal Data for the above purposes.

8.3 The Actors’ Lab recognises the need to ensure the welfare and safety of all The Actors’ Lab’s members and in accordance with our policy we will not permit photo-graphs, video or other images to be taken without the consent of the individual. There- fore the Student will not take photographs, video or other images as they may include images of other Students.

8.4 By submitting an application form to The Actors’ Lab the Student consents to The Actors’ Lab taking photographs and/or recordings of the workshops and showcases at The Actors’ Lab which may include images of the Student and which may be used for marketing purposes. If the Student does not wish their photo to be used for such pur- poses then please inform The Actors’ Lab in writing. However, please be advised that this may limit the events at which the Student may participate.

8.5 The Actors’ Lab will take all reasonable steps to ensure any photographs/videos taken are used solely for marketing purposes. If the Student becomes aware that these images are being used inappropriately they should inform The Actors’ Lab immediately.

9. Health and Safety

9.1 The Actors’ Lab reserves the right to administer first aid and any emergency treat-ment as required. Students will be asked to sign an accident record form. If emergency treatment at a hospital is required The Actors’ Lab will make all reasonable attempts to contact next of kin but if this is not possible the Student hereby consents to the Actors’Lab authorising any necessary treatment. We will administer prescribed medicines only if Students have completed a medicine consent within the application.

9.2 The Actors’ Lab may withdraw a Student from activities in the event they require special medical care or attention which is not available or refused or if the Student is considered not well enough to attend the class. The Actors’ Lab may remove a Student from class if The Actors’ Lab has reasonable cause to believe the Student is or has suffered from any communicable disease or infection and there remains a danger that other Students may contract such a disease or infection. Students must inform The Actors’ Lab if the Student is suffering from any illness, sickness or allergies before attend- ing.

10. Ex-Curricular Activities

10.1 By booking a workshop with The Actors’ Lab you are agreeing to be compliant with the following information and Terms and Conditions.

Showcases, workshops and classes are for educational purposes only and do not offer security, provide, suggest or infer opportunity for employment/casting and/or representation. After booking a place you will receive confirmation of your booking. If you do not receive such information within 48 hours it is your responsibility to contact The Actors’ Lab. It is the responsibility of the student to check venue/times/location/scripts if they are not received 48 hours prior to the workshop. We always ask for a mobile contact number and if you do not supply it, there is a possibility that we cannot contact you for last minute changes.

Payments can be made via credit or debit card over the phone or bank transfer. Credit card payments will incur a 2% processing fee. All sales are final and all payments are non-refundable.

Please think before you cancel, industry professionals including casting directors and agents put a lot of effort into organising the scenes for the workshops and it can be frustrating to rearrange last minute. Kindly note that all reasons for cancellation are communicated to the industry professional. Cancellation The Actors’ Lab reserve the right to change, without prior notification, the format of the workshop if the industry professional so dictates.

Whilst every industry professional is agreed in writing prior to the workshop it is out of the control of The Actors’ Lab if such professional, for whatever reason, declines to attend at such time as is too late to secure a replacement. Reasons for such cancellations will always be made available to students that have paid to attend and refunds will be offered.

Should the workshop be unexpectedly cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances you will be offered a workshop credit or refund. Should you be given a credit, please be aware that they are valid for 12 months after which they will expire.

Travel costs incurred by the student are not the responsibility of The Actors’ Lab. Please note that in the event of cancellation due to adverse weather, transport disruption or illness of either the industry professional or student, The Actors’ Lab take no responsibility and are not liable for any costs associated with travel/overnight arrangements that are made and paid for in advance where the event does not subsequently take place at the designated time and date. All efforts will be made to reschedule where at all possible. Your responsibility It is the responsibility of the actor to ensure that any prep required for a workshop is received and worked on in good time. It is not the responsibility of The Actors’ Lab if the student is unprepared for the workshop/ and does not have suitable materials with him/her to perform. It should be assumed that no facilities to copy or print speeches will be available at the venue.

11. Notices

11.1 Any notice given under this contract should be made in writing and sent to The Actors’ Lab.

12. Governing Law

12.1 This contract is governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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