“Since joining I've found out what I'm naturally good at, discovered skills I never knew I had and also been pushed way out of my comfort zone.”

Saad Ali Khan

“Joining The Actors’ Lab was the best and most exhilarating thing I have done since being made redundant. I always feel so welcomed and supported in our acting classes.”

Petra Rigby

“Such a range of subjects are covered each term. We have studied many different methods, styles and techniques. Everything is covered.”

Rob Lloyd

“It is all very exciting learning from the tutors, meeting new people and performing in a showcase at The Lowry Theatre. How great is that?!”

Sonia De La Moitie

“Each lesson is not only enjoyable but extremely valuable, with an insight into a variety of different techniques and work. Going to The Actors’ Lab every week is something I really look forward to.”

Holly Axon